Top Electronic Predator Coyote Call Equipment


Are you still hunting the old fashioned way and don’t know anything about coyote callers? Hunting has changed significantly as technology evolved. Even if you are new to predator hunting, it should come as no surprise that predator and game call devices is a modern day tool when hunting. The best electronic predator call devices increase the chance of success and they are relatively easy to use. Electronic call devices providing coyote calls are not only convenient for new coyote hunters but are also advantageous to veteran coyote hunters. These callers offer a huge library of calls, that can be used in a number of situations. A good device, featuring a number of predator calls, can make your hunting experience really dynamic and engaging.

Electronic coyote calls can be controlled by remote control to manipulate volume and sounds from a distance. Having knowledge of the variety of coyote callers that are available today on the market provides the hunter with a huge advantage when hunting. Most of these electronic callers or preloaded with a number of coyote calls.

There are many predator call devices on the market, and it is tough to choose the right one. In the post below we reviewed the best coyote caller devices available in 2022.

In a hurry? Our best Electronic Predator Caller for 2022 is:

FOXPRO Shockwave Call, Tan
  • Fox motion mimic moving prey by fading sound from left speaker to right one, Fox Fusion Mix match any two sounds of your...
  • Fox pitch manipulate the "pitch" of any sound in an effort to trigger a response, cast virtually hands-free calling with Fox...
  • Fox Bang automatically maps your caller to a predetermined setting after discharging your firearm


Top Electronic Predator Coyote Call Equipment

FOXPRO Shockwave American Made Electronic Predator CallFOXPRO Shockwave

For hunters that need the best possible electronic predator call, FOXPRO is loaded with the best features seen in an electronic coyote caller. It does not come cheap, but it is one of the best electronic predator call systems available in 2022.

This predator caller is built with FOXPRO’s ABS composite material. ABS has been tested in the toughest environments and proof to be durable. It is larger than other electronic callers, however this is attributed to the extra horn speaker and tweeter.

Shockwave is powerful, and it has four speakers. It comes with two horn speakers and two tweeters (one on each side) which allows you to throw sound out in an even larger radius than your standard single speaker caller. It is furthermore equipped with two external audio jacks to connect an additional external speaker if required.

Using the Fox Motion feature, you can fade your calls from each speaker directionally, i.e. left-to-right, mimicking moving prey by fading sound from the left speaker to the right speaker. The Fox Fusion Mix can be used to make your calls appear even more real by mixing and matching two sounds simultaneously during a call sequence. When Fox Fusion is activated, you can also control the volume of each sound independently, including muting.

As one of the best electronic predator call systems it is pre loaded with 100 sounds and has a capacity to load 1000 sounds using a number of file formats such as MP3, WAV, OGG etc.

You can control the speakers with a remote controller or manually. It has the typical functions you would expect, such as on/off, select/back, scroll, play/pause, mute, and volume control buttons. It has a large LCD display screen that displays all the information you need, including the calls battery level, stand duration, temperature, moon phase indicator. It operates on 10 AA batteries and we recommend that you use rechargeable ones .

This electronic caller comes with a 5 year warranty.


  • Great sound quality at high volume
  • 1000 Preloaded sounds
  • 4 Speaker system
  • Great additional features


  • Expensive
  • Download and uploading sound not made easy

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Western Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Electronic Game Call - Best Budget PickWestern Rivers Calls Mantis 75R Compact Handheld Electronic Game Call - Best Budget Pick

For some hunters the price tag of the Shockwave is just to high. The Mantis 75R is our best budget pick for a predator caller.

One of the best features of the Western Rivers Mantis 75R is its light and compact design which makes it very easy to carry around with you on your hunting trips.

With a remote operation range of 300 feet, the hunter can easily operate the caller remotely which is a great advantage. The remote comes with a backlit LCD screen which is great in low light conditions.

It might not be suitable for long distance call as it does not have huge speakers. The device comes with 75 preloaded sounds, so you are ready to go on the hunt as soon as you unpack this device. It comes with a remote control which can be used at a control range of 300 feet which is quite an advantage. It operates 4 AAA batteries however, this is not included in the package.


  • Compact and portable
  • Affordable


  • Not possible to change the call type or control the volume using remote
  • Some sounds not realistic

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Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Game CallICOtec GC300 - Call of the Wild Electronic Game Call

The ICOtec GC300 is one of the better entry level electronic caller for the price and features. Hunters love this electronic coyote caller as it is durable and very portable.

The ICOtec comes with 12 preloaded coyote calls and can play two sounds at the same time. Some of the preloaded sounds are Coyote Pup Distress, Fawn Distress, Gray Fox Distress, Jackrabbit Distress, Coyote Female, Coyote Howl, to list a few. It is furthermore equipped with 15 W speakers.

GC300 comes with a remote controller that can be used up to a control range of 300 yards and is easy to use . It has backlit buttons for night hunting as well as a decoy port and activation button on the remote.

The GC300 model comes with an one-year factory warranty.

  • 300 yard remote range
  • Play 2 sounds at the same time
  • NEW – Pause button
  • NEW – Decoy port and activation button on remote
  • NEW – Backlit buttons for night hunting


  • Great battery life
  • Portable and light weight


  • When the volume is turned all the way up, the sound distorts a little bit
  • Limited number of preloaded predator calls

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Icotec GEN2 GC300 Electronic Game CallPrimos 3755 Turbo Dogg Electronic Predator Call - Best Mid Rage Predator Caller

Primos Hunting has been producing high-quality hunting gear, coyotes calls included. The Turbo Dogg, as an example of Primos’ finest. Turbo Dogg is compact and is lightweight but not really small. Its dimensions are 9.4 x 6.4 x 6.4 inches, and it weighs less than three pounds making it easy to carry around.

It has only one horn speaker, rotating and distortion free, capable of emitting sound up to 150 yards away. The speaker is connected to the single 25 Watt amplifier. The back of the caller has an auxiliary jack (audio-out port). It also features a USB port (should you want to connect an external speaker).

You can store 500 sounds and the caller comes with pre loaded 36 electronic predator calls and 4 programmable expert hunts.

Turbo Dogg also features a remote controller like many other electronic game callers. The remote controller has a high definition display and has a range of 150 yards, not a bad range for the remote control. It should be noted that both the remote control and the call itself can be switched on by pressing the “On” button located on the back of each device. 


  • Compact and Durable
  • Preloaded 36 Sounds
  • Easy to use remote


  • Requires 11 AA batteries (including remote)
  • Bright LED light (not great for night hunts)

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Cass Creek - Ergo CallCass Creek - Ergo Call

The Cass Creek is what we will call a really entry level caller. While this may not provide you with the best electronic predator call , this electronic predator caller, is probably the cheapest option around. In terms of size, the Cass Creek is a small, pocket-sized predator caller.

The dimensions are 4’’ x 7’’ x 9’’, and it weighs roughly around one pound.  The ergonomic design fits in the palm of your hand, allows one hand use and the EZ thumb dial allows for on/off sound adjustment and an instant interrupt that stops the call.

There are only 5 sounds to choose from, Woodpecker wail,  Raccoon Pups,  Kitten distress,  Grey Fox Pup and Rodent Squeal. It features authentic animal recordings combined with digital sound quality.

The device takes only 3 AAA batteries. This device only runs on its own for a few minutes before it shuts down automatically.


  • Cheap
  • Very portable
  • Good volume


  • Limited sound choices
  • No remote
  • Automatic Shut down

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iHunt Ultimate Game CalliHunt Ultimate Game Call

This electronic game call is made for hunters that want an affordable game call system with lots of options. The iHunt Ultimate Game Call App & Bluetooth Speaker Combo (EDIHGC) delivers more for less money. Not only are you getting an App with 750 calls but also Solunar Times, Activity Log, GPS locator, weather forecast and more. This electronic caller is perfect for the expert or beginner, no complicated programming is needed to operate this unit. The unique playlist feature let you set up your sequence before going to the field.

iHunt is an application that works with a rugged 115-decibel Bluetooth speaker. In other words, you are controlling the Bluetooth speaker with the smartphone. The good thing is that a network signal is not required as the whole system works via bluetooth.

At the tip of your fingers you’ll have 59 species of animals and 750 individual calls all controlled by your Android or iPhone’s Bluetooth connection. It is very simple to use use, merely download the App with the free download code, unlock the calls, turn on your speaker and connect your phone by Bluetooth, set your speaker up to 50 yards away and start hunting.

Word of advice is to use a mobile phone in airplane mode because if someone calls you or if you get any notification, it will interrupt the predator call. So make sure your mobile phone is not producing any sound. The Bluetooth range is decent.


  • Easy to carry around
  • Create your own playlist of sounds
  • Easy to set-up


  • Limited sound range
  • Sound quality not good

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Primos 3756 Alpha DoggPrimos 3756 Alpha Dogg

The Primos predator electronic caller is manufactured by Primos, a well known brand in the industry and is manufactured from high quality material and designed to withstand the toughest environments. It has large speakers with a powerful speaker in the middle.  These speakers are rotating directional speakers for dynamic and realistic sounds. The product is also very portable and it is not that large and weigh less than 4 pounds.

The Primo has a rotating directional speaker system for dynamic, realistic sounds. These speakers can be directed at 180 degrees. It is furthermore programmed with 64 digitally mastered sounds. In addition to these programmed predator calls you can remove or add new electronic predator calls. It has 2GB of internal memory and you can store up to 1000 professionally made sounds. It features an auxiliary jack for operating motion decoys. The back of this device sports audio in and audio out ports.

This predator caller comes with a remote control with full color display and easy control layout .


  • Value for money including 64 digitally mastered sounds
  • Well built and smartly designed
  • Can add and remove sounds
  • Authentic sounding calls 


  • Two side speakers not handling certain high-pitched calls well at high volumes.
  • Uploading new calls to it is not made easy enough 

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Final Thought

A Game and predator electronic call device is beneficial in modern hunting. The best hunters all over the world use baits to call animals to them instead of going on a traditional hunt without advanced hunting gear. The modern day hunters make use of these electronic game call devices to increases the success rate of the hunt. There are a large range of predator callers on the market and in this post we provided a summary of the best predator callers in a wide budget range.


What Is The Best Time Of The Day To Hunt Coyotes?

The cold winter months of January and February mark the beginning of what is arguably the best time to hunt coyotes. Setting up a your electronic calls in different locations in the morning and a couple more in the late afternoon is the best time for predator calls. Although Coyotes can be called in during midday, dawn and dusk is the optimal hunting times as they head out in search of food.

What is the best caliber to shoot coyotes?

If you want to go coyote hunting, you need a suitable firearm and caliber for coyotes. The best basic type of firearm for coyotes is a rifle, due to its higher velocities and capabilities of  reaching targets at longer distances.

.17 Hornet is widely used caliber across the world. Even though it’s a rimfire cartridge and when used within reasonable distances  it is perfectly suitable for coyote hunting.

The .22 Magnum is a favorite for hunters who want minimal pelt damage (the entry and exit holes won’t be so large as to make it tough to tan the hide).

A great general-purpose coyote cartridge, the .223 Remington is also a popular hunting caliber. It has a flat trajectory and high velocity and will be very effective on coyotes out to four hundred yards.

There are many other option available but the above-mentioned are some of the more popular firearms used.

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