Be Edgy with the Best 3D Leafy Camo Suit for Hunting

wHaving a best 3D Leafy Camouflage suit while hunting is essential. If the game spots you, it will run, and you will need to spend more waiting time for the new game to come. But if you are unspotted, hidden in the woods and in a suit that is giving you extra camouflage, then you will have an advantage over the animal you hunt. You can rest while aiming and make a precise shot. The precise shot is very important in the hunt because the wounded animal is a dangerous animal and you can become prey before you know it. Or even worse animal may run away in pain and die god knows where and you just wasted a bullet and a life of the animal for nothing.

best 3D leafy camouflage suit

In a hurry? Our Best 3D Leafy Camo Suit for 2022 is:

North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit - Camo Hunting Suit - 3D Leafy Suit -...
  • A GHILLIE SUIT SECOND TO NONE: North Mountain Gear 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit brings on board huge improvements in fitting,...
  • LEAFIER THAN EVER: Unlike ordinary camo hunting clothes, this ghillie suit for men & women features double-stitched, full-cut...
  • HOODED CAMO HUNTING JACKET: This ghillie suit packs a resourceful camo hunting jacket with an attached hood & full front...

There are many camo suits on the market. Some of them are just colorful suits with green, brown colors that will camouflage you pretty well in the woods. And some of them are advanced technology suits like 3D leafy camo suit. Difference between standard no 3D effect camouflage outfit is enormous. If you are hunting color-blind animals like deer, elk or turkey then you should use a uniform that the animal cannot see. Choosing the right outfit is hard to do because some animals don’t see orange color while others don’t see red colors, but most of them will spot you even if you have a camouflage uniform. Because of that hunters are buying 3D camouflage suits to get lost in the woods. 3D leafy camo is an ideal suit for the woods and bushes. The game will not see you because your shape is not visible. You can stand a few meters from the game, and it will not see you, that’s how this 3D camo suit works. But if you are, beginner don’t rely on the outfit that you are unspotted because many animals can smell you, but that is a different story I will tell you some other time because this one is all about 3D leafy camo suits that can make you invisible in the various situations.

What to Look When Buying Best Leafy 3D Camo Suit

Quality between the brands is huge, but like with many products, the more money you pay, the higher the quality of the suit will be. But to pick the best suit for yourself, you will need to know what kind of a hunter you are and then pick the best uniform for that hunting style.

Camo Pants, Jacket or Both

Well if money is not concerned, then I suggest you get both items because that will make sure you are invisible even if you make some mistakes in the hunt. But if you are experienced hunter and you know you will be hunting from bushes then camo pants are not required because your legs will be in the bushes and will only be a problem for you if the camo suit gets stuck in the bush. If you use a tree stand then again you don’t need camouflage pants because your upper body will be the only part that is moving, so the jacket is enough. I can recommend using pants if you will be running a lot and looking for action, then it is a good thing to have camo pants and be entirely invisible to the animals in the area. If you go with the pants make sure you buy zipped legs that can easily go over the boots, this will save you lots of problems in the woods.

Material Need to be of High Quality as well as Breathable

Make sure material used is breathable, polyester is a good material as long as it has a mesh base. Mesh base will make sure all the heat produced by the body will be released and not stuck inside making you sweat. Sweating is not good while hunting because it increases your smell and the animals will spot you even if you are invisible. Make sure your suit has extra pockets that are nice to have. Also, elastic ankles and arms are good for keeping the insects away from your skin. If you buy expensive suits, then you can enjoy some extra bonus features like insect repellent or the suit that can change colors automatically depending on the temperature outside.

Top 10 Best 3D Leafy Camouflage Suits


North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit - Camo Hunting Suit - 3D Leafy Suit -...

North Mountain Gear is a well-known company that produces hunting camo suits. Ghillie Suit is made with heavy duty material and construction that hunters love. The material used in production is breathable, soft and will provide mobility in all situations. The suit has double the amount of leaves than the standard hunting suit. Leafier than ever this 3D leafy camo suit is one of the leading camouflage suits considering the number of leaves.

The jacket has the full front quiet zipper. The jacket comes with camo hunting hood which means that even your head will be hidden. Easy on and off pants are an ideal choice even when you have a heavy duty hunting boots. The suit is universal for all type of body and has two pockets on pants as well as on jacket.

North Mountain Gear Ghillie Suit is ideal for all weather conditions, hot or cold the suit can be adjusted to provide you comfortable hunting. You can choose from brown or green colors, depending on the time of year you are doing hunting. North Mountain Gear comes in 3 different sizes, large, XL and XXL. You should keep in mind that this suit is coming on top of your ordinary hunting cloth.

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Arcturus 3D Leaf Ghillie Suit (Summer Green, ML)

When we speak about 3D camo suits or best binoculars, then Arcturus 3D Leafy Camo Ghillie Suit need to be mentioned because this suit provides high camouflage in different hunting situations. The outfit is comfortable, light and silent. Silence is required because if the suit is made with a noisy material, then your prey may runaway by hearing you. With this suit you will blend in the bushes in a second and will become unspotted by everyone, not only animals, humans won’t see you as well, so keep that in mind when hunting in groups.

Arcturus 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit has a front zipper as well as camo hood. On the suit is over thousand leaves that will help you blend with the area fast. You can choose two sizes with four different colors. ML size for medium size people and XL/XXL size for large hunters. For the autumn there is an autumn suit with brown and orange colors to make you perfectly disguise during the fall time. Fall Forest is ideal for usage at any time and is made for a forest hunting. Dark Woodland will make you disappear into deep woods. Summer Green is ideal when lots of green is in nature, mostly in summer time. Maybe these colors are not ideal when green color is not prevailing in hunting zone, but when it does, you will be invisible.

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Super Natural 3D Camouflage Leafy Hunting Suit

North Mountain Gear Camouflage Supernatural Ghillie Suit - Leafy Suit - X-Large

North Mountain Gear made another great hunting suit. Difference between this one and the previous one is in the price and number of leaves used in production. The suit is made of a premium material which is durable even when used in hard conditions.

The suit is made of pants and jacket. Jacket has a hood attached for covering the head. Pants and jacket have elastic endings which will help against mosquitos and other insects that may bug you when you will be waiting for the game in the bushes.

This suit comes over the standard hunting gear, and the main purpose of the suit is to break outline so the game can not see a hunters shape and runaway. The suit is made for all season, but you may be spotted in the zones with too much green or too much brown. You can get this suit in large or extra large size.

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Camo Suit Woodland and Forest Design Military 3d Leaf

Ghillie Suit by Outerdo is made of threads instead of leaves. Some hunters prefer threads over leaves because ribbons are ideal camouflage when hunting on the ground. If you are hunting from a tree stand and in the woods with lots of leaves, then a suit with leafs is better. Thread suit is best for ground hunting, and threads will make you invisible in many situations. Double stitch is used on this threads to make sure they don’t fall when you move through bushes.

This Outerdo 3D camo suit is made of durable material that is also comfortable to wear but at the same time provides water resistance, fire retardant, rot proven as well as mildew proved. The suit is made from 100% polyester and strings are from polypropylene and that material is just resistance to various elements.

In the Outerdo camouflage suit package, you will get four different pieces, one for chest and legs as well as one for the head. Extra part is in the package in case you have a rifle that needs to be camouflaged as well. With covering your gun, you will have an ultimate edge, and not a single part of you will be spotted.


Red Rock Outdoor Gear - Ghillie Suit, X-Large/XX-Large, Woodland

The same camouflage structure is used in Red Rock Outdoor Gear. Instead of leaves, there are strings in various types of green color. This mixed green color creates a 3D effect when moving through green hunting areas.

Just like in Outerdo the Red Rock Outdoor Gear also uses polyester for material, but they have added 2% of spandex as well for extra durability and even more elastic usage.

You can order medium/large or extra large size, depends on how large you are. But keep in mind that this suit goes over your regular cloth. You will receive four camouflage pieces. Jacket and pants for the body coverage, hood for the head and gun wrap for the gun camouflage. You also get the stuff sack to pack your suit and more comfortable traveling.

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Arcturus KamoLeaf 3D Leafy Ghillie Suit (XL)

Kamo Basix KamoLeaf is made with mesh basis and leaves. Leaf amount is not significant and some hunters prefer that. Having a less amount of leaf means that the uniform is light and breathable. It is an ideal suit for hot days in summer.

In the package, you will get two pieces, pants and jacket with hood. This is more than enough to make you unspotted in various terrains. Leafs color is neutral and you will be good in all situations and will be more or less invisible.

An interesting feature is that leaves are not at the bottom of the pants which will help you move silent and without any problems through the bushes and woods. The uniform comes in ML and XL/XXL size.

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Zicac Outdoor Camo Ghillie Suit 3D Leafy Camouflage Clothing Jungle Woodland...

Zicac uses durable polyester to make this ideal and affordable 3D leaf camo suit. The material is comfortable and breathable which means you can without a problem go in the hunt during the hot summer days. The outfit is ideal for wooded zones with lots of leaves and in such zones, the 3D leaf camo suit will work correctly. On the open in bushes without leaves, you may be spotted in this suit.

The color of this uniform is woodland, and you will get two parts in the package. One if for the body and other for the chest. Jacket for the chest includes a hood, and that means that your whole shape is covered. If you sue a gun, you will need to buy extra camo for it.

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Ghillie Suit Kids Adult 3D Leafy Hooded Camouflage Clothing Outdoor WoodlandGhillie Suit 3D Leafy Hooded Camouflage Clothing Outdoor Woodland Hunting Suit...

Woodland color is ideal for camouflage suits. Woodland colors are good for all seasons. This uniform is ideal for hunting, and every hunter should have one of those in his backpack.

The price for this 3D camouflage suit is exceptionally affordable. The suit also has elastic waist on trousers which is helpful to adjust to everyone’s size.

BinkBang is a well-known manufacturer of the camouflage suits and other hunting equipment, and that just means that they know what they are doing. Because of that this suit is one of the most popular on the market, it is a high-quality suit with an extremely affordable price.


We already talk about Outerdo and this second suit on this list just proves that Outerdo is also a very known brand in camouflage suits. This suit is a free size that will fit everyone.

This camo poncho is easy to use, and you just need to drop this poncho on your self to be gone entirely in the green woods.

Outerdo is very generous with this item, and they give two years guarantee, and that speaks more than anything about the quality of this 3D leaf camouflage suit.


North Mountain Gear Camouflage Hunting Full Cover Leafy 3D Face Mask (Ambush...

If for some reason your current suit does not have a camouflage hood then you can get this fantastic camouflage hood made by North Mountain Gear. But the quality of this hood is so high that maybe some hunters who already have a hat on their original suits will want to upgrade to this one.

The hood is made with breathable material and provides maximum camouflage in all environment. You can pick from green, tan or brown colors and one size fits all.

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Final Judgment

If you love hunting and wish to bring your hunting skills to a higher level then without a doubt, you will need to buy a 3D leaf camo suit. In this review, I have provided you several solutions. Some of them are better than others, and some of the outfits are ideal for the particular season while others are mediocre trough whole season. If money does not concern you, then I highly suggest going with the most expensive suit because the quality speaks money. But if you are on the budget, then you should pick a camouflage suit for all seasons that will serve you good trough whole year. That way you are saving money but at the same time will also not be in the best camouflage suit.

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