Best Fixed Blade and Mechanical Broadheads For 2022

Broadhead arrows have been used ever since the stone age, hunters needed sharp tips in order to deal with dangerous animals, and that’s how broadheads came about. With the advancement of technology, today’s broadheads are going to be vastly different from the ones hunters used a long time ago.

The ancient broadheads were made from stone, as that was basically the only material hunters knew how to utilize correctly, and that’s pretty much it. Nowadays there’s so many different broadheads, with various different forms, sizes, and even styles to choose from.

In a hurry? Our best Mechanical Broadheads for 2022 are:

Wasp Jak-Hammer 100 SST 1 3/4
  • Time Tested mechanical design features a Stainless Steel Trocar Tip, Precision Machined and Hardened to Rockwell 46C and...
  • Razor Sharp .036" blades are Precision Ground and Honed and are always perfectly in line with the Trocar Tip edges to...
  • Neoprene O-Ring deployment system with a 1-3/4" Cutting Diameter

Broadheads can be fixed or mechanical, and even in those categories there’s many different types and models to choose from. If you’re a novice bow-hunter, choosing the right broadhead can be a difficult task. There’s a few important questions you need to ask yourself before you can choose the right type of broadhead that fits your style.

  1. What kind of bow do you use?

The draw weight of the bow is a significant factor when choosing the type of broadhead you use.

  1. The weight of the broadhead.

The broadhead will add more weight to the arrow, and that’s a very important fact that you need to take into consideration. The accuracy of your shots depends greatly on this factor.

  1. Shooting distance.

What range are you going to hunt from? Close-range or far-distance hunting? This is another facet of hunting in which the weight of the broadhead comes into play, without the proper broadhead, your shots are going to be inaccurate.

  1. Are mechanical broadheads even legal in your state?

Some states don’t allow mechanical broadheads to be used for hunting, you need to read and understand your state’s law, and make sure your broadhead is in accordance with it, otherwise you might be fined.


Top Mechanical Broadheads

Mechanical broadheads are a very popular type of arrowhead, they can deal tons of damage and bring even the biggest of prey down in a single shot. There’s two types of mechanical broadheads. Rear & Front deployment broadheads.

Mechanical Broadheads Advantages

Mechanical broadheads are without a doubt far more accurate than fixed broadheads, and because of their accuracy they’re also very useful for long-range hunting. Mechnical broadheads act similarly to field point arrowheads, meaning they fly faster and farther.

Huge Damage Infliction

When you fire a mechanical broadhead arrow, it acts similarly to a field point tip arrow, however once the mechanical broadhead arrow hits the target, it deploys blades. That’s where most of the damage comes from.

Fixed broadheads penetrate the skin more deeply, however the mechanical broadheadsd inflict far more damage. When the blades deploy they obliterate the tissue, arteries and sometimes even organs upon impact. Such high-power shots can be innacurate, but still bring your prey down due to how much damage you inflict.

Those factors alone mean that you don’t necessarily need to be the most seasoned bowman when using this type of arrow, however always keep in mind that the close you are to your prey, the more dangerous the hunt becomes. You still need to keep a proper distance, and remain hidden from your prey.

Wide Cutting Path

Most hunters prefer using a fixed broadhead when hunting massive game, such as bear or elk, due to the depth of it’s penetration, for smaller game, however, mechanical broadheads are ideal, due to their wide-cutting designs.

For small game, if you use a fixed broadhead you’re going to have to rely on your accuracy a lot more than if you used a mechanical one, with mechanical ones you can miss a vital spot but still finish your prey.

Mechanical Broadheads Disadvantages

There are some disadvantages to mechanical broadheads. Like we mentioned before, mechanical broadheads don’t have great penetration, which play a huge factor into what type of game you can and can’t hunt.

Decreased Penetration

Because of the wide cutting design, it’s impossible for a mechanical broadhead to penetrate deeply, unless you’re using a very powerful bow, which would warrant you to have high bowmanship skills. If you’re hunting game for which deep penetration is necessary, such as elk or bear, you should go with Fixed Broadheads.

Game Choice

Due to the low penetration of the mechanical broadheads, you can’t hunt any large game. Hunting large game with mechanical broadheads can be very dangerous, as the damage done to large animals with this type of arrowhead won’t be vital, and will leave the animal with a lot of room to fight back.

Mechanical Broadheads May Have Mechanical Failure

Mechanical broadhoads need to deploy on impact, and like all mechanical equipment, ocassionally it has the chance to fail, when you’re on the hunt against deadly prey, that’s the last thing you want happening. Due to this it’s paramount to use fixed broadheads on big game.

List of Best Mechanical Broadheads

Wasp Jak-Hammer 100 SST 1 3/4" Cutting Diameter BroadheadWasp Jak-Hammer 100 SST 1 3/4

The Wasp Jak-Hammer 100 SST arrowheads are made of stainless steel that can pierece even bones. The sharp stainless steel tip allows for deeper penetration. As the arrow flies, the blades fold forward, and on the impact they’re deployed.

This mechanic allows field point tip accuracy, coupled with huge destructive power, allowing for severe damage infliction. The front-deploying system is ideal for hunting deer, hogs or turkey.

This broadhead works well with bows, as well as crossbows, the broadhead is made in the US, and it’s an overall high-quality product.

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Ramcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadheads | 3 Pack | 100 Grain Screw-In Cross Bow Hydroshock-X Pivoting Broadhead, Cross Bow Arrow Heads, Bow Hunting Accessories, 0.032”, Stainless SteelRamcat Hydroshock Pivoting Broadheads

When it comes to penetration RAMCAT’s Broadheads are one of the best. These mechanical broadheads cut through tissue like a surgical knife, which is why they’re such a popular choice among hunters.

The damage might not be as extensive as it is with other broadheads, however, with this broadhead it’s possible to hunt even massive game, because of it’s excellent aerodynamic deisgn and sharp blades which allow for deeper penetration even with large game.

With that being said we do still recommend that you use fixed broadheads if you’re exclusively hunting large game. 

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Grim Reaper Razor TipGrim Reaper Razor Tip

This 100 grain broadhead is ideal for hunting due to it’s blades. It’s equipped with 3 blades that are 2 inches in diameter, making it possible for this broadhead to do enourmous damage to your target.

This broadhead was designed for high-power bows, meaning deep penetration is possible, which is useful if you encounter big game. The package also comes with an arrowhead that can be used for practicing accuracy.

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RAGE Hypodermic Trypan Titanium Broadhead 100 Grain 2" CutRAGE Hypodermic Trypan Titanium Broadhead 100 Grain 2

Rage are good at producing aerodynamic broadheads that deal great damage to the target. The Titanium streamlined ferrule, is what allows for the arrowheads to be as aerodynamic as they are.

The arrowhead is equipped with two stainless steel blades, which have a 2 inch cutting diameter. This broadhead can also be used on large game, however we still would recommend hunting large game primarily with fixed broadheads.

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Grim Reaper Razorcut SS Whitetail Spec 2" Cut 3 Bld 100grGrim Reaper Razorcut SS Whitetail

The Gream Reaper Razorcut SS was designed with whitetail sized game in mind. As soon as you get your hands on this broadhead, you’ll notice it’s especially sharp edges.

The mechanics behind this broadhead make it ideal for high-power bows or crossbows, which makes deep penetration possible on game that’s the size of a Whitetail deer. The broadhead is equipped with 3 blades that are two inches wide in diameter.

The package itself comes with a practice arrowhead, which you can use to practice your accuracy on a target without damaging it.

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Rage Xtreme 2 Blade BroadheadRage Xtreme 2 Blade Broadhead

This is yet another broadhead that offers great precision. This broadhead comes with two blades, which have a diameter of 2.3 inches, making it very deadly.

This broadhead is ideal for smaller game, such as turkey, even if you don’t hit any vital spots, because of the diameter of the blades, the damage you inflict will be deadly.

Rage use Shock Collar Technology for proper blade retention, this is a rear deploying broadhead. The package this broadhead comes in contains a practice head so you can train your accuracy.

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Grim Reaper Broadhead Razorctip Grim Reaper Broadhead Razorctip

The main difference between Razorctip broadheads and Razortip broadheads is in the way that the blades open up. Razorctip has the fastest opening blades. This broadhead saves kinetic energy, which in turn allows for the arrow to have a deeper penetration.

Bullet point also has blades that can cut through tissue. The broadhead is equipped with 3 very sharp blades. The Grim Reaper Razorctip has the power to break bones, it’s a great broadhead for small game hunt.

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NAP Killzone Mechancial BroadheadNAP Killzone Mechancial Broadhead

The NAP Killzone Mechanical broadhead is a 100 grain broadhead that features 2 sharp blades and has a rear deployment mechanic. The blades are 2 inches in diameter and the deployment works with a spring-clip design.

Having just two blades means that this broadhead offers deeper penetration. It’s probably one of the better mechanical broadheads for if you run into bigger game, however we still recommend fixed broadheads for big game.

Due to it’s mechanics, this broadhead has the potential for serious damage, you can be confident in your kill potential with this broadhead.

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NAP Spitfire Mechanical BroadheadNAP Spitfire Mechanical Broadhead

Previous New Archery broadheads came with only two blades, however the Spitfire comes with three deployable blades, which means less penetration, but more damage. This is ideal for when you’re on the hunt for small game like birds, or even deer.

This is a front deploying mechanical broadhead, and it’s Trophy Tip makes it so that the arrow crushes the bone. You might not crush the bones of bigger game, however small game stands no chance against this broadhead.

The blades are all one and a half inches in diameter.

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Top Fixed Broadheads

The deep penetration that Fixed broadheads provide makes them ideal for hunting large game. Fixed broadheads can have from two up to four blades.

Just like mechanical broadheads, fixed broadheads have their own set of pros and cons, on our list you’ll be able to see which manufacturers offer what type of fixed broadhead, in terms of penetration power and cutting diameter.

Fixed Broadheads Advantages

Nothing Can Go Wrong with Fixed Broadheads

The fixed broadheads work just like field-tip broadheads, once you fire them, there’s nothing that can go wrong. There’s no mechanical error that can occur after the arrow has been fired, and it all rests on your accuracy.

Deep Penetration

When you’re on the hunt for big game, what you’re looking for the most is penetrating power. One of the most important factors when it comes to penetrating power is the broadhead’s performance, and in this case, fixed broadheads have the best penetrating performance.

Ofcourse there’s many other factors that come into play when it comes to deep penetration, such as bow power, accuracy, and distance, however the single most important one is the type of broadhead.

Choosing the perfect fixed broadhead also relies on various other factors, wind can be a huge factor for large broadheads, so if you know you’ll be hunting in windy conditions, you don’t want to go for a fixed broadhead with large cutting diameters as that will make your shots innacurate.


Fixed broadheads can be well maintained, they can have their blades replaced, and even sharpened. This process saves you money, while also prolonging the longevity and durability of the broadhead. With the proper maintenance routine, your broadhead will always be sharp and ready to deal damage.

Fixed Broadheads Disadvantages

Flying Issues

Over the years, the size of the fixed broadheads has decreased, that’s due to new bow technology, or more specifically, how bows are able to provide more power and accuracy to the shot.

The main reasoning behind the decrease in size for Fixed Broadheads is due to how easily the bigger broadheads get affected by the wind. The wind can make the big broadheads’ shots very innacurate, so using a smaller broadhead on a bow with more power is the way to go.

Bow and Arrow Tuning

The faster the arrow, the better your bow tuning will need to be. The setup of the arrow needs to be tuned to the fixed blade’s heads. The heavier fixed blades need prolonged and wide fletching, that provides a much needed balance to the arrow, which results in more accurate shots.

The bow needs to be properly tuned for the broadheads. Tuning a bow for a wide broadhead requires a lot of knowledge and experience, and if you’re new to this it’s probably better to get profeessional tuning.


Some fixed arrowheads only work well with specific bows. This limiation is due to the fact that fixed broadheads have a different wide diameter, and the more extensive the diameter is, the easier the wind influences it.

Because of that, some of these broadheads won’t work on bows, or will at least need a lot of fine-tuning on most. This is probably the biggest disadvantage when it comes to fixed broadheads, they’re just not as versatile as mechanical ones.

List of Best Fixed Broadheads

Stinger 4 Blade Arrow BroadheadStinger 4 Blade Arrow Broadhead (Pack of 3), 100-Grain

The Stinger 4 Blade Arrow Brroadhead boasts 4 knife grade stainless steel blades. It comes in 85, 100, 125 and 150 grain.

The Ferrule is made from high-quality aluminum and is spin tested. It’s in perfect alignment, which allows for a very accurate flight pattern. The pattented diamond tip cuts through even the toughest of hide, it’s one of the stronger tips out there.

The blades are very easy to replace, which add to the longevity of the product, but if that wasn’t enough, Magnus offer a lifetime replacement guarantee for this broadhead.

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New Archery Products New Archery Products

The NAP Thunderheads fixed broadheads are a popular item among hunters. This broadhead is constructed with three extremely sharp blades that slice through tissue and bone without issues.

The Micro Grooved Slimline Ferrule allows for the arrow’s stable flight, accuracy and deep penetration. The Diamide Sharpened Blades are among the sharpes ones on the market right now and they contribute to this broadhead’s penetration power.

This is one of the most powerful and penetrative broadheads out there.

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G 5 Outdoors StrikerG 5 Outdoors Striker

The Striker is a broadhead that boasts replacable blades. If for any reason you need to replace the Lutz blades, you can do that in a matter of seconds. This contributes heavily to the longevity of this broadhead, you’re unlikely to need to get a different broradhead when you can just replace the blades.

The Striker is 100% spin tested, and it comes in either 100 grains or 125 grains. The G5 Outdoors Striker uses a cut-on-contact design, all thanks to the extremely sharp Lutz Blades.

The cutting diameter is 1 1/8 inches and the package itself includes a replacement blade kit as well as 3 Broadheads per pack.

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Slick Trick BroadheadSlick Trick Broadhead

The Slick Trick Magnum may look very simple at first glance, however they offer a very good product.

The Magnum broadhead boasts four stainless .035 blades, which inflict serious damage to the target on contact. The design of the broadhead itself is very short, it’s ideally meant to be used with modern fast bows. The ferrule itself is made of Super Steel.

It’s a broadhead with a great deisgn, it’s ideal for hunting smaller game, and in some cases it’s better than mechanical broadheads for that purpose. The great thing about this broeadhead is that it can be used with all types of bows. Compound bows, Recurve bows as well as Crossbows.

If you use a high-power bow or a crossbow, you’ll have no issues hunting big game with this broadhead.

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Muzzy Bowhunting BroadheadsMuzzy Bowhunting Broadheads

When it comes to fixed broadheads, Muzzy is a reliable brand. They have vast experience and knowledge in manufacturing some of the best fixed broeadheads on the market.

This broadhead is a 4 blade fixed broadhead which does a great job at inflicting massive damage. The blades are 0.20 inch stainless steel 100 grain blades with a 1 inch cutting diameter. The broadhead itself ensures for the arrow’s stability thanks to it’s Trocar Tip. This type of tip also allows for deep penetration.

The muzzy is a very good multi-purpose broadhead, as you can switch from practice blades to hunting blades with ease. The packaging contains 6 Broadheads.

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Flying Arrow ArcheryFlying Arrow Archery Toxic Broadhead 3-Pack

Without a doubt, toxic has made a huge impact on the hunting game. With this unique broadhead that features large cutting points, it’s very easy to hunt even the largest game. The chisel tip this broadhead boasts is powerful enough to go through the toughest of bones.

With this broadhead you don’t need to be the most accurate sharpshooter, even if you miss the target’s most vital spots, the broadhead’s large cutting surface will make that the damage you inflict on your prey is deadly.

The package itself includes 3 broadheads, and unfortunately the practice broadheads are sold seperately.

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G5 Outdoors Montec BroadheadG5 Outdoors Montec Broadhead

The whole broadhead is one piece sharp blades just a few millimeters from the tip. That allows this fixed broadhead model to inflict devastating damage. On the other side this broadhead is very easy to use, just place it on the arrow and shoot, no extra maintenance or tuning is needed. The blades are sharp, and if you like to keep them sharp, you can use tools for sharpening without a problem. The weight is flexible and you can choose from 85, 100 and 125 grains. Crossbow models are available in 100 and 125 grains. Hardcore hunters love this broadhead because it is one of the few fixed broadheads that do such great damage.

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Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock BroadheadTrophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock Broadhead

Trophy Taker Shuttle T-Lock is one of the most durable broadhead on the market. With a high-quality steel and perfect design, this broadhead is cutting through the bones without a problem. In the flight this fixed broadhead is extremely silent and because of that is ideal for silent hunting. It will never spook the game. The Shuttle T-Lock has accuracy just like a field point arrowheads, but they do large damage and penetrate deep. Because of that performance hunters choose this model quite often.

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Muzzy Bowhunting 3 Blade Archery Arrow BroadheadMuzzy Bowhunting 3 Blade Archery Arrow Broadhead

And for the end I like to introduced one of the interesting packages that allows you to assemble your own fixed broadheads. In this six-pack broadhead’s you can choose what to use. You can choose weight from 75, 100 and 125 grains. All for your needs. The blades are razor sharp which interlock to the body of the broadhead. Trocar Tip is well known as a great penetration and high accuracy provider. In the package you will also get practice blades.

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Final Verdict

A lot of factors come into play when deciding on the type of broadhead you use. The weather, arrow type, bow type as well as tuning are all an important factor. By reading this guide you should be able to easily understand what type of broadhead suits your needs the best.

Fixed broadheads are focused more on large game, and mechanical ones are better for smaller game, which is why there’s no clear cut answer as to which broadhead is better. It all depends on the game you’re hunting.

If you’re using a crossbow, using mechanical broadheads is likely to yield great success on your hunt for large game. The market is filled to the brim with all types of fixed and mechanical broadheads, it all coms down to your hunting needs as well as personal preference.

Your search for the best broadhead may take some time, and it could potentially be costly, but when you’re out in the field, faced with dangerous prey, you need to be sure you’ve made the right choice!

All the time and effort you put into this won’t ever go to waste, the more time you spend on finding the best gear, the more experienced you’ll get when it comes to field tech.

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