Best Compound Bows for Women in 2020

Archery is fast growing sport in the USA. Over 16.5 million people are competing in archery or bow hunting. 30% of that number are women, and with years more and more female archers are looking to participate in this popular sport. Because of that bow and archery equipment manufacturers have decided to make unique bows for women.

So far women were using youth bows or stripped full-sized bows because unique physiology did not allow women to use powerful bows made for men. But thanks to manufacturers women now can choose from different styles and bow types.

As a Woman, You Should Pick Your Bow Carefully

The era with a youth bow usage is over, and today a woman can use the same powerful and high-quality bows as men. Thanks to the manufacturers who made simple adjustments to make the bows usable by female archers. As a woman, you should look at some specific factors. Also if you are looking for some hunting bike you should follow this link.

Total Bow Weight

One of the most important fact for the women to consider when buying a best compound bow is total bow weight. You don’t want to buy a massive bow. If you buy a bow that is heavy, you will have a problem with shooting. You could get tired with every shot, and your accuracy will suffer. Because of that manufacturers build extra light bows for the women usage. Make sure you pick a bow meant for women to handle.

Bow Adjustability

For new archers, it is highly recommended to have a compound bow that is adjustable. With the time your muscle and skills will grow, and you will want more from your bow. With adjustability, you could make that adjust easily without spending more money on a new bow. Read more: Best Arrows for hunting.

Draw Length

Every archer should know their specific draw length. It is not hard to measure it. You need to put your arms wide and measure the distance from one fingertip to other. Divide that by 2.5, and you got yourself a perfect draw length. In general, women are shorter and have lower draw length. Because of that manufacturers build smaller bows with lower draw length to fit most woman needs.


If draw weight is the problem, then let-off may be a solution for you. Bows with a low percentage of let-off may compensate for high draw weight bows. For example, a bow with 80% let off can be easily handled by a woman even if the bow draw weight is 50LBS. In other words, let-off means that you can shoot with the same precision and control with not drawing the full weight on the bow. With enough let-off, you can be accurate, and your shots will be steady.

Draw Weight

Draw weight is an essential factor because as a woman you don’t have a large muscle and special muscle that is used when shooting the bow. Because of that you should use low draw weight bows at first and build your muscle. Once you are ready-to-use compound bow with 40LBS draw weight, you are ready to do some hunting. Large animals need even more draw weight from the bow. You will need to be able to handle the 50LBS draw weight.

Top Women Small Frame Bows

The size, draw weight and length is more adjustable to the women on these bows than on other large compound bows. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of options to choose from. But the manufacturers did a good job at adjusting the weight, design, and everything to fit the most women in this bow packages. These small frame bow packages are ready to hunt which means you have everything you need in the package. As soon as you open the box, you are ready for shooting.

Bear Archery Finesse RTH 50lb RH


Bear made this bow, especially for the women. The bow performs very well and is extremely accurate. Without any trouble, you can use it in most situations. No matter your skill level, new archer or expert archer this bow will deliver. In the package you will get everything you need for shooting; a basic stabilizer, quiver, Whisker Biscuit, four-pin sight, tube peep sight, nock loop and of course a bow. The bow is made with the high-quality, durable material.

Draw length on this bow is adjustable from 23 to 28 inches which means it will fit most of the women. Shooting with this bow is easy thanks to smooth draw cycle. Draw weight is also adjustable, and you can use 40 or 50LBS draw weight. In other words, this bow is suitable for animal hunting, and with 50LBS you can go and hunt large animals like a bear. Switching between draw weight is easy, and all you need to do is use the limb bolt. Finesse only has 3 pounds which are ideal for women and long hunting.


Bear Archery Cruzer Lite Compound Bow


This type of bow is what every woman needs. The ability to adjust correctly to the women needs and low total bow weight. The bow can change from 12 to 27 inches draw length. And draw weight from 5 to 45LBS. Maybe this bow is not ideal for large animals hunting, but for new archers who wish to train accuracy and do little game, hunting is perfect. The good thing is that all the adjustments are made with Allen wrench that does not need a bow press.

Total weight of the bow is 3.2LBS which is low enough for every woman to use without getting fatigued. This is ready to hunt package which means you are prepared to go on a hunt without needing to buy any extra equipment.


Leader Accessories Compound Bow


Leader Accessories made this compound bow for women and youths that don’t have enough power to use a bigger bow. Total weight of the whole bow is just 3.3LBS which are perfect for women. By using low weight bow, you will not get fatigued, and shots will be done with a little effort.

This bow is made for right handed archers, and it is not that much adjustable. Draw length is adjustable from 19 to 29 inches. Draw weight is also not allowing a large range of adjustments. But still, you can adjust the bow from 30 to 55LBS. 55LBS is enough for hunting which means that this bow can be used for practice but also for real shooting.

The good thing about adjustments is the Allen Wrench, meaning you don’t need to press a bow to make changes. Women love this model because of 70% let-off which allows more comfortable shooting. The maximum speed that bow can produce is 296 FPS which is more than enough for various activities. Leader Accessories will give you a 1-year warranty on this bow.


SAS Primal


Another excellent compound bow from SAS made for women. But this model is a bit different from the previously mentioned. This model has 4 LBS which is more than others, but still, women can handle an additional pound. Draw length suits archers with 26 up to 31-inch draw length. As you see that is not really a long range. This bow is made especially for the specific size. Draw weight is also not that much adjustable and you can choose from 35 up to 50LBS. Let off is also not helping new archers because it is only 65%.

Because of small adjustments this bow is made especially for the specific archers and is not recommended for beginners. But in the hands of the expert, this bow can be highly customized. If you are experienced archer and looking for an easy bow for women, then SAS Primal is an excellent choice for you. But make sure your draw length and draw weight fit in the range of the bow.


Bowtech Carbon Rose


This bow is made for advanced archers who know what they paid for. Carbon Rose is made of high-quality material which is extremely durable. But at the same time that durable material is light, and the total weight of the whole bow is just 3.2 LBS. Draw weight of this model is in a range from 40 to 60 LBS which makes this bow ideal for hunting. Because of 40 LBS as lowest possible draw weight this bow is not recommended for new archers. But if you still like to try it, you could probably have fun thanks to 80% let off. But again, it is not recommended to use such powerful bows at an early stage of your archery career. Draw length is also not in a range for small people, you can adjust from 22.5″ all the way up to 27″.

This bow has its own customers, skilled archers. With this bow, every woman can go on a hunt, and I am not talking about a small hunt, I am talking about a giant game hunt. If you have skills and you are in archery for some time, then I can highly recommend this bow especially if you are looking for lightweight women hunting bow.


PSE Archery – Drive R Compound Bow


If you are new to archery or you just started then, please don’t even bother reading about this bow. This compound bow is made for true bow experts. This bow is made for professional hunters. Draw weight is set to 60 LBS, and it is not adjustable. If you can’t handle this draw weight, don’t bother with buying this bow. Most women who are in archery sport for several years will know how to use this bow and Archery Targets. Draw length suits most of the women, and it is in a range from 25 up to 30.5 inches. But thanks to the 75% let off even if your muscle is not that strong you will be able to make straight shots without too much trouble.

PSE Drive R is one of the best compound bows on the market considering the price. For few hundred dollars you can feel how it is to shoot from a professional bow. Many women will not be able to use this bow, but still, some of them will use it without a problem, and because of that, I listed this model. If you can use it, please don’t think twice, it is the best buy bow.


Bowtech Archery Diamond Deploy SB RAK


Bowtech is a company that makes fantastic bows. They use high-quality material that is light in weight but at the same time durable. Diamond Deploy is the extremely powerful bow that most of the women won’t be able to handle but I need to list this bow because there is a left-hand version. So if you are left-handed women, you can try to use this bow. The problem that most of the women will have with this bow is fixed draw weight. Draw weight is set at 60 LBS which is ideal for large game hunting, but most of the young, new archers won’t be able to handle such a high draw weight. Because of that, I only recommend this bow if you know that you can handle 60 LBS draw weight.

Draw length is also not too much adjustable, and you can set it from 22.5 inches up to 27 inches. In other words, children and young adults will have a problem using this bow. But most of the women will fit in this draw length range. The bow is highly customizable, and you can use many fancy useful equipment like sights, cams, and other valuable accessories. The bow also has string suppressor which will make sure the string will not vibrate after a shot. This feature many women find useful because women physiology may get problems with vibrating strings.


Top Highly Adjustable Bows for Women

Highly adjustable bows are recommended for new archers. Because of the ability to adjust bow draw weight and draw length, you can start with small settings, and as your skills grow, you can adapt to more advanced settings and use the largest draw weight that bow offers. These high adjustment bows are ideal for young archers as well. Later when you outgrow the highly adjustable compound bow, you can still sell it for a decent price because many new archers will look for the bow with a wide range of adjustments. With the money you get from selling you can then buy a specific size bow that fits your archery style the best.

Quest Radical


If you are looking for something more professional but still good for women then Quest radical is my recommendation. This fantastic compound bow has it all that one archer needs. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or expert this bow will suit you well. It has highly adjustable draw length (17,5″ – 30″) as well as draw weight (15 – 70LBS). If you get this bow, it will serve you for a long time. It can be used for various activities since it has a highly adjustable draw weight. With 70LBS you can go on a large game hunt without any thoughts about having a low power bow because this bow can be extremely powerful if you set it to 70LBS. All adjustments are made without needing to press bow which guarantees a correct and without a problem adjustments

Quest Radical comes in a package with many extra accessories. You will get 6 arrow G5 head-lock Quiver, halo rest, G5 wrist sling, G5 tool-less 4 pin sight, 1/4″ G5 meta peep and a string suppressor. You will get lots of professional equipment in a ready to hunt package.


SAS Scorpii


Scorpii outfit is maybe not that attractive to women because the whole bow is made in a hunting style. You can choose from black color or camouflage- But women love vivid colors like red, pink, yellow and green. But if the color does not concern you this bow is an ideal solution for a woman who has some experience with a bow.

Draw length of SAS Scorpii is between 19 and 29 inches while draw weight is adjustable from 30 to 55 LBS. For some women, this bow may be too large, but most of them will find it ideal. The biggest advantage of this model is that you can place many additional accessories on the bow and make it more useful.

The difference between the Scorpii and Leader Accessories bow is in the Let off and speed. Scorpii has 68% let off and less velocity, 260 FPS. But the difference is really minuscule and is not worth to be mentioned because many archers will not even feel the difference.

SAS thoroughly covers the warranty on this product and give 7-year warranty, and that difference is much more significant, and because of that, I need to recommend to get SAS Scorpii over Leader Accessories bow.


Diamond Archery Infinite Edge Pro Bow Package


Infinite Edge is one of the favorite bows for women. Diamond even built this model in pink color. But that is not the most important fact about this bow. Infinite Edge has a highly adjustable draw length from 13 to 30 inches. That adjustability means that this bow can be used by anyone. Your size doesn’t matter, this bow will adjust to you. This is very good starting bow because if you start young, you can use this bow even when you grow up.

Draw weight is also highly adjustable. You can choose from 5 to 70 pounds. In other words, this compound bow can be used by kids and expert archers. Kids will use lowest possible draw weight, and strong, skillful archers can use 70 pounds draw weight. Thanks to the let-off at 75% you can make precise shots even at the higher draw weight. This bow is highly adaptable, and you can not go wrong by buying it, especially if you are new to the archery. It is also an excellent choice for the archers who wish to test different bow settings to see which bow composition is best for them.


Pink Parker SideKick XP


Pink Parker made SideKick XP for young women archers. If you are women that are looking to start with the archery business, then this is the bow I can recommend for you. It will cost you around hundred dollars which is not much considering that the price for professional bows can go up all the way to 1000 dollars.

In this model, you will get everything you need for starting. The bow is highly adjustable and uses draw weight range between 30 to 50 pounds. Maybe with this bow, you won’t go and kill bears, but for all other hunting, activities will suit you well. Draw length also allows women of different size to use the bow without a problem. You can adjust draw length from 18 up to 28 inches. Because of such vast draw length range, this bow is ideal for young female archers to train and grow with the same bow. Because of that, this model is a significant long-term investment. After you are done with this bow and want something larger and more powerful, you can without a problem sell this bow on the marketplace. I am sure some young female archer will look just for the bow like this.


SereneLife SharpEye Compound Bow


This SereneLife bow model is ideal for a bow that can be used for all kind of archery activities. Thanks to the maximum draw weight of 70 LBS you can go and hunt elephant if you like. And thanks to the 320FPS maximum speed you can be assured that the arrow will penetrate deep in the tissue. But at the same time, this bow can be adjusted for new archers who can’t handle this huge draw weight. You can change it to as low as only 30 LBS which is perfect for practice shooting.

Draw length is not that much adjustable but the majority of women will find the draw range from 23.5 inches up to 30.5 inches wide enough to use this bow. The bow is made of high-quality material, and you can pick various colors. I prefer camouflage cover because that is the best style for hunting. If for some reason you don’t like this bow after a buy you can give it back and you will be refunded.


Precision Shooting Equipment Fever


The bow made by Precision Shooting Equipment is one of the better women bow models. It comes in pink color, and you can also buy a version for left handed archers. The bow has no range to adjust for draw weight, and it is set to 40LBS, but draw length is highly adjustable. You can adjust draw length from 18.5 inches all to the 29 inches.

Let off is set at 75% which will help young, weak archers to use the bow without pulling all the draw weight. The bow is perfect for small sized archers, and it is ideal for women. The total weight of the bow is 3.7 LBS. Total weight will not build additional fatigue on the archer. Price is maybe not that affordable, but you need to know that this bow is made by PSE, and they always use the high-quality material, and because of that the price for Fever is a bit higher than usual.


Which One to Choose

Now at the end, after you went through all the recommended bows, you may be confused and still don’t know which bow to pick. My advice is if you are a new female archer you should go with a highly adjustable bow because right now you don’t know what you prefer. With a highly flexible bow, you can test various things and see what fits you best.

For a more advanced female archer, there are many special bows for special activities. You can choose a bow with a high draw weight if you are looking to go on a large game hunt or you can buy a precise bow for target practice and competition. Buying a right bow is never white or black decision you will always need to look at the details.

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