15 Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting

Best Carbon arrows for hunting are the latest advanced equipment in modern hunting. A few decades ago aluminum arrows were the best and everyone uses them because after all aluminum is cheap material and everyone switches from wood to aluminum. Nowadays nobody uses old wooden arrows because they lack all the performance modern aluminum or carbon arrows have. Some arrows are hybrid between carbon and aluminum and these are low budget arrows that widespread of hunters can afford. But if you want the best bolt then you will need to look for an arrow made from carbon with as low as possible straightness.

best arrows for hunting

In a hurry? Our Top Best Carbon Arrows for Hunting for 2022 are:

Carbon Express Maxima Hunter - Our Top Pick for 2022
  • AN UPGRADED CLASSIC - The Maxima Hunter combines heritage with the added benefits that result from proprietary Dual Spine...
  • DUAL SPINE WEIGHT FORWARD TECHNOLOGY - patented fusion of two different carbon materials that creates 2 spines in 1 arrow to...
  • REAL STRAIGHTNESS - Laser checked for straightness to a remarkable 1/10,000 of an inch; Straightness of +/- 0.0025-inches is...

The arrows are put in the classes by their straightness and the lower the number, the more money you will need to spend to get that arrow. But straightness is not the only way to choose the best arrow. Selecting the arrow depends on many variations and one of them is what are you hunting. If it is a large game which you hunt from a long distance, then you will need to use a heavy arrow with fast speed that will be able to penetrate the skin of the animal on such a large distance. On the other hand, if you are just showing off with a bow on some competition, then light arrows are the better choice. Most arrows have a replaceable tip which can be removed and replaced by a new one. With this feature, you can use various tips which will fit you best depending on the game you are hunting. Now, these are just a few of the criteria by which you can select the best carbon arrow for hunting. Many other criteria may require of you to choose a specific arrow for hunting and if you need best compound bow for a woman please visit our article.

Top 15 Best Hunting Arrows on the Market

Carbon Express 50691 Maxima


Maxima Hunter is a very popular carbon arrow among hunters. Reason for that is simple; it is a reasonably straight arrow with +/- 0.0025″ straightness. This arrow is ideal for long range hunting because the arrow is fast and accurate. For a long range hunting, you need a tight accuracy and powerful arrow that will hit the target and kill it, not just wound. Carbon Express is well known for their advanced technology in arrow production. In this model, they use weight forward technology which means that the front of the arrow is having more weight than the back. Many hunters will love this feature and will help them to be even more accurate at shooting. You can use this arrow for practice or hunting because this carbon arrow model comes with a replaceable broadhead.

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Carbon Express Maxima RED Fletched Carbon Arrows with Dynamic Spine Control and...

Another Carbon Express arrow that is ideal for hunting is Maxima RED. The arrow has excellent dynamic spine control, and that gives a hunter more accuracy. Whatever broadhead you use in hunting Maxima RED is an ideal choice because with the stiff front end the arrow flex will reposition and reduce oscillation which will make broadhead shots more accurate. Carbon Express only uses high tech carbon to produce this fantastic hunting arrow. Maxima RED comes in two models, 350 and 250. Straightness between these two arrows is same +/- 0.0025″, but the difference is in grains per inch and the spine. The spine on 350 is 0.342” while the 250 is larger for few inches, 0.417”. The weight of the 250 per inch is 8.11 grams, and 350 have 9.07 grains per inch. Now the size of the arrow will tell you maximum weight fo the arrow and at 29″ that is 414 grains. Maxima RED has many features, and the one that needs to be mentioned is precision launchpad which will provide a decent control of the arrow release even if you are not a professional bow user. In this fantastic Carbon Express package, you will receive six arrows. This arrow is highly recommended for beginners who want to become better with bow hunting.

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Velocity Valkyrie XT Gold Tip 340 Carbon Arrows w/Blazer Vanes Blaze Wraps 1 Dz.


Gold Tip is a well-known manufacturer of hunting arrows. Velocity Valkyrie is one of their best selling models. Like many arrows made from carbon, this one also has the perfect straightness of +/- .006″. The shaft is made from pure carbon, and that makes this arrow light and fast. It is made with increased accuracy when using broadhead. Velocity in the title of this arrow means that the speed of this arrow is sturdy enough and will make pleasurable hunting even if you are hunting big game. You can select various spine models which will fit multiple bows. I can recommend Velocity Valkyrie to any hunter that wants to use premium arrows and shoot accurate shots. This arrow can also be used for practice, and you know what people say, practice makes perfect.

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12 - Pk. Easton Full Metal Jacket N - Fused Carbon Shafts Gun Metal Black...

Easton Full Metal Jacket is the ideal solution for all hunters that are seeking the most potent arrow. This arrow hits hard and has extra knockdown power. This power means that the prey will not run away and you will not make a mess in the woods if you use this arrow. Straightness of 0.002″ guarantees consecutive and accurate hits. The arrow comes in different sizes, and that means it may fit a different type of bows. In the package, you will also get glue, inserts, insert tool and nocks. In the package, you will receive 12 arrows. That is basically all you need to be ready to shoot some game. The shaft of this arrow is large, and you can cut it for your definite need, and that is another beauty of Easton Full Metal Jacket.

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Victory VAP TKO Elite Shafts 350 1 doz.


VAP TKO Elite is an arrow made of a premium material which provides a premium tolerance. Made from 100% carbon with MaxxKe technology puts this arrow on the list of most wanted arrows. The arrow is made for real hunters who want maximum accuracy. Straightness of this arrow is whooping +/-0.001″. The arrow weight is 8.8 grains per inch. The available size is 350, 450 and 550. The arrow will provide a maximum speed with a high penetration because this arrow is heavier than the standard VAP arrows. In the package, you will also get everything you need to assemble this arrow for hunting. This arrow is built for professional hunters who don’t mind the high price for a perfect and low straightness arrow. These professional hunters know what they are paying for. If you are professional hunter don’t hesitate, you know you want to try this low straightness carbon made arrow and see if it will fit your hunting style better than other premium first class arrows.

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Excalibur Diablo 18" Carbon Arrows with Rhino Nocks Designed for All Excalibur...


Diablo 18in. Carbon Arrows made by Excalibur are an ideal choice for hunters who want to use a decent arrow and don’t want to pay extra money. This arrow is designed especially for Compact Recurve Technology crossbow. The wide use of bows is not the feature of this arrow. But if you own Excalibur’s Matrix crossbow, you will enjoy shooting this arrow because the arrow will have ultra speed thanks to the very good spine. The front of the arrow is heavier which will give you additional help in unparalleled accuracy. A flat back feature of this arrow makes no use for nocks, and that will give you better contact with the string. Ideal for Matrix crossbows and for amateurs that are more into practice shooting than serious wild hunting in the woods.

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Easton Carbon Aftermath 340 Raw Shafts Doz

Aftermath is a new model in Easton production. This arrow model is not the first class model because straightness of this arrow is only +/-0.005″ and that is not top performance when we look at straightness. As you already read above in the text, we have arrow models with superior straightness comparing to Aftermath arrow. But the advantage of Easton Aftermath is the price. This arrow is exceptionally affordable. In the package, you will receive six arrows with everything that is needed to assemble them. The size of the arrow is 400, and the weight is 8.8 grains per inch. Fletchers, nocks, and inserts are included in the package so you are good to go. Aftermath maybe sound like a prominent damage dealer, but it is not, archers who use this arrow are mostly using it for practice than hunting, but don’t get me wrong, hunting is doable with this arrow, but there are much better carbon arrows on the market for hunting.

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Huntingdoor 30


By reading all the arrow models mentioned before you would think that arrow needs to be expensive to be useful. And that statement is partly true, professionals and longtime hunters should aim for costly arrows, but that means nothing is wrong with Huntingdoor 30″ Archery Carbon Target Arrows. For just a few bucks you can get 12 exceptional 30″ arrows with fletchers, nocks and replaceable tip. This arrow is an ideal choice for 40 – 55 pounds compound bows. The material used in production is also 100% carbon, so there is no doubt that this arrow is light. Maybe these arrows are not ideal for hunting because broadhead on this arrow is made for target practice. But if you want to hunt with this arrows, you will need to change broadhead and use a broadhead for hunting. Overall this is an ideal arrow that is affordable if you have a compound bow between 40 and 60 pounds. Huntingdoor gives the best deal, and only for few bucks you will get more than enough arrows to go solo in the woods against the army of animals, and still, you will have enough arrows to shoot them all.

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BARNETT Outdoors Carbon Crossbow Arrows 5-Pack, Lightweight Hunting Bolts with...


These are 20″ length arrows ideal for practice. In the package, you will get five arrows that have half moon nocks installed. These 20″ arrows are heavy and provide ideal accuracy with a strong penetration. Tips are replaceable, so in case you wish to go hunting with this arrows you can, all you need to do is change the broadhead because with practice broadhead you will not do damage to the game. These arrows are best used with Penetrator, Wildcat C-5, Ghost 350 and Jackal crossbows. The good thing about Barnett company is that they give five years warranty on their product. It is always good to have a warranty on the product in case something extraordinary goes wrong. Most probably nothing will happen with Barnett arrows because durability is a light spot for this model.

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Beman ICS Out Arrows with XPV Vanes (6 Pack), White, 340


Beman makes great arrows there is no doubt in that statement, and with this model, they made a real impact on the arrow market. This white colored arrow is ideal for hunting. Mostly this arrow is used in a hunt for a big game. It is suitable because of white color, and you can easily track the game and see from a distance how kind of a hit you did. If there is lots of blood on the arrow, then that means the game is done, if not then you will need to finish it. Other than being white colored arrow this arrow is light in weight, and you will get high-speed impact at release. At the same time, this arrow is very durable so it will serve you for many years. These arrows can also be adjustable for your needs; you can cut them to your size and glue them with all the requirements one arrow needs. Uncut they come at
31.75″ size and the weight is 8.8 grains per inch. With such features, we can agree that this arrow is still affordable even if it cost more than some of the previously mentioned arrows.

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Rage Simply Lethal Arrow Package with 2 Blade SC Broadhead, 29.5


Rage Simply Lethal comes in a package with three arrows. Everything you need to install arrow is in the package. Broadheads, grain field points, tips, and nocks, as well as fletches, are installed. This arrow is pre-cut which means you will not need to cut it. Rage broadheads are ideal for hunting because they make sure arrow stay in the prey. But in the packages, you will also get broadhead for practice. It is always good to practice and stays on the target, so when the opportunity comes, you won’t miss a shot. Straightness of this arrow is set to +/- 0.006 which is not great, but it is still reasonable considering the price. This arrow is recommended for the hunters that want to have precision and devastating power that will make sure the prey will not run away even if you make a small mistake like missing the exact point on the prey.

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Gold Tip Hunter XT Arrow Shafts (Pack of 12), Black, 400


Gold Tip made this model for professional hunters just like the name of the arrow says. It is made for hunters that need to make a perfect shot. Precision and power are needed in pro-hunting, and pro hunters will know how to use this arrow at its best performance. If you look at the performance of the arrow, you will see amazingly low straightness of +/- 0.001″. That is the lowest straightness number on this list, and only that fact puts this arrow on the throne. Straightness is not the only greatness of this arrow; this arrow is also light and ideal for the use by many bows. It comes in various sizes, and you should pick the one that fits best to your bow. The shaft of this arrow is made of a premium material, and you will feel that as soon as you place your hand on this expensive but as well high-performance arrow. Broadhead is replaceable and you can use any kind of head you like. You can even cut the current size of the shaft to make it useful by your weapon.

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Carbon Express Piledriver Crossbolt 20in. Moon 6pk 52140


Like the title says this arrow is made for crossbows. Design of this arrow is in such a tone to provide an outstanding penetration. With this arrow, you can get a big game without a problem. This arrow is also the heaviest carbon arrow for the crossbow and hunting that is fast and at the same time delivers a great knock down. By looking at the price you would think this is some cheap arrow, but this is not a cheap arrow it is a second-class arrow with the amazing straightness of +/- 0.004″. The length of the shaft is 20″, and that indicates that this is made for crossbows and not for longbows which require longer arrows like 30″ long. In the package, you will get six arrows with 4″ vanes. The moon nocks are already inserted as well as universal flat nocks. Carbon Express engineered this model with advanced technology that delivers performance in precision which will make you, in the end, a better shooter.

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Elite Elite Enforcer 350 12 Pack


With this amazingly powerful and fast arrow everytime you pull the rope, you will feel the devastating power. The shaft is made of high-quality carbon fiber that makes this arrow durable and robust during the hunt. The straightness of this arrow is what makes this the third arrow on this list with a fantastic straightness of +/- 0.001″. With such feature, this arrow is put into a first-class arrow that is recommended for professional hunters. But you probably knew that by reading the name of this arrow which says that this is an elite arrow for elite hunters. And these elite hunters have no problem with money and can afford this very expensive but powerful arrow. The arrow weight is 8.7 grains per inch if you need to do some counting for your style of hunting. Without a doubt, I can highly recommend this arrow to any hunter because if you have money, you will buy precision and power. Even if you are not the greatest bow huntsman with this arrow, you may act like one.

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Black Eagle Instinct Micro-Diameter Traditional Hunting Dozen Arrow Shafts-500...


If you love vintage arrows, then this arrow is ideal for you. This arrow is the only arrow that uses wood in production nowadays. But the wood is not primary material in this arrow; carbon still is the most important material. Micro Diameter in the Instinct arrow series is what makes this arrow interesting. With this technology, Eagle Black Instinct is an ideal arrow for recurve bows or latest longbows. This arrow is more shootable than any other bolt on the market. The straightness is unfortunately not the best and is not placing this arrow in premium class, but it is still high enough to make sure this arrow is usable for everyday hunting. Straightness of Eagle Black Instinct is +/- 0.005″. In the package, you will get six arrows with everything you need to assemble a perfect arrow. As soon as you are done with assembling the arrow, you are ready to shoot, and you will not need to buy anything extra. Thanks to this arrow now traditional archers can use this than the old wooden arrow that is slow and misses the target more often than not.

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Final Verdict

I did not mention all of the arrows, but I think the list above is good for everyone to find the best carbon arrow for their bow or crossbow. Many factors will have an impact on your selection, and one of the biggest is money. Some arrows are just too expensive, and not everyone can afford them, but these arrows are also the best on the market, and most of the time professional hunters use those premium carbon arrows for hunting. If you are not an elite hunter, then you can go with some more affordable arrows and still have a good time in woods because even if your arrow is not with the lowest possible straightness, you will always hit the target. Maybe you will have some hard time hitting the prey at the exact point you want, but that can only bring you to practice more. Practice makes perfect so make sure you have arrows for practice and arrows for hunting. Some of the arrows also have replaceable heads so you can use them for both, sports target practice or wild hunting in the mountains. Whatever you choose to do I am sure this article has helped you to get a little more info about all the carbon made arrows out there on the market.

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